Smovey Vibroswing System Smovey Vibroswing System

Experience the Smovey Vibroswing-System, an exceptional Health-Fitness and Therapeutic training device which can be used actively in your workout routine or passively in our ZRT-Wellness Treatment. 
smovey - stands for SWING, MOVE and SMILE.
smoveyRINGS - two rings weighing a little over a pound (500 grams) each- are in a class on their own. They combine fitness, health and weight loss in one.

Smovey Vibroswing is an oscillating ring system, consisting of a spiral tube, steel balls 4, and a handle system with a damping elements. By moving forward with a subsequent backlash begin 4 free-moving steel balls to move as free mass, emitting in a pulsating nature of the spiral grooves and ridges of the hose with a frequency of 60 hertz. This frequency causes the user a noticeable vibration in the palm of your hand and corresponds to the timing pattern of the people. To transmit this vibration as possible in the palm, a very hard plastic tube with foam rubber handle is used as a handle element. At both ends of the tube, a damping element with a very low memory effect is appropriate. The weight is 500 grams without swing motion and is increased by the centrifugal forces in the swing on up to 5 kilograms.
smoveyTCM: the inner hand side and at the back of the hand are the reflex points of almost all organs and glands. Smovey stimulated by fine vibrations of these reflex points and has a positive effect on the corresponding organs and glands. smoveyBRAIN: Our brain is divided into two halves. The right half is responsible for emotions and imagination that's left for analytical thinking and communication skills. With Smovey we activate, for example by cross-motions both hemispheres.
smoveyVIBRATION: results from the sizes of the components at a frequency of 60Hz. This comes in the human organism and often corresponds to the timing pattern of the people.

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