Women's Self-Defense 4hr Class | Saturday, October 28th 2017 from 2pm-6pm

  • Phone: (310) 573-9000
  • ZFIT - Studio for Wellness and Performance

    827 Via De La Paz
    Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
  • Instructor: Bill Shuttic
  • Price: $149.00

Don't be a victim. Learn to defend yourself in this 4-hour course.

  • Martial arts instructor Bill Shuttic will show you how to
  1. identify and recognize dangerous situations
  2. defend yourself against one or more attackers
  3. use everyday objects as weapons
  4. defend against weapons
  5. change your attitude from victim to victor
  6. be offensive rather than defensive
  7. defeat a stronger opponent
  8. and more…
  10. Bill has a Black Belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu - a Hawaiian style of jujitsu created in Hawaii in the early 1900's.  Bill also received a Black Belt in Iaido (swords) and Aikido while living in Japan in the 1990's.  He has also studied kenpo, tai chi, and chi gong. 

  11. This Women's Self Defense 4 hour Course will teach you about:
    • * anatomy  *physiology   *joints   *bones  *muscles *nerves  *pressure points  *strikes  *blocks  *escapes   *balance   *lighting

  14. so if you ever get attacked, you will have the knowledge and skills to defend yourself.  Because if you understand the body and how it works, you will have a much better chance of survival. By learning and practicing certain key moves over a 4-hour period, you will train your body to react proactively and instinctively, which can save your life.  

    1. Testimonial:

    2. Leigh Robie— "I took Bill's self defense class last Saturday. It was a priceless experience. Bill starts the class by testing people on their "street smarts" and general awareness. Bill then walks the class through what to do it different attack situations. Bill is a masterful teacher who acknowledges everyone's strengths, weaknesses, and varying abilities. I have a confidence I never had before after taking this class. I now know what to do if someone grabs me and am confident the skills I learned work. I am recommending it to numerous friends and co-workers."

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