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ZFIT is a division of Wellness & Performance Enterprises, Los Angeles, California, and since 1984 has been a well known Link and platform to exchange the newest innovations and products in health, fitness, beauty and wellness between the US and Europe.

The founder Bernd Zimmermann prides himself in being at the forefront of the latest innovative technology featuring the newest products the industry has to offer.

He works together with a team of international experts from the US and Europe to provide professional service for your needs. As a result we are promoting unique products and our extensive list of contacts and associates means we can present your company with the best opportunity in foreign and domestic markets.

Our multi-lingual staff makes it easy to find opportunities for European products in the US market and vice versa. We partner with companies all over the world who specialize in producing the most innovative products, testing them and bringing them to the attention of our clients and making recommendations to our potential clients.

If you'd like to discuss how ZFIT can assist you in expanding the market for your product or inquire about our Business opportunities, please fill out this online contact form first and we will get back to you to discuss your plans.