Cell Phone Protector - ProtectPro Technology

Cell Phone Protector - ProtectPro Technology

Cell Phone Protector - ProtectPro Technology

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Our protection CELL against electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phone, like all of our other products, has been scientifically tested by the BESA INSTITUT in Austria and this and certified in the handling of 3G, 4G and 5G.

The Mobile Phone 5G Problem
is now a fact and coming down on all of us.

This new 5G technology turns everything on its head and causes concern and even fear for many people.
And rightly so. We have never been subjected to something more insane. The health and well being of mankind, animals and plants is under attack.


Product Specifications

weight  0.03 ounce    1 gram
size      1.2”  x  2.4”      3 x 6  cm


To neutralize the negative effects of a mobile phone, simply place the PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Cell product between the phone and your protective carrying case and make sure it is secure so you do not lose it. If you do not use a carrying case you can also use double sided scotch tape if you want to stick the PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Cell to the back of your cell phone, for example over the battery compartment or in its vicinity. Please clean the area where you want to stick the PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Cell with some alcohol to remove all dirt and grease that could affect the adhesion. Flat and smooth surfaces are preferred to prevent slippage.

It does not matter which way around you apply the Cell to your phone. We work in the domain of Quantum Physics which knows no up/down, left/right, front/back…..

The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Cell does not interfere with any operation of the cell phone itself or other electronic devices.

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